Remote Snow Day Procedures ⇒ If the district determines that on-site learning should not happen for travel or other emergency reasons AND we are not hit by power outages, we will have a “Remote Snow Day.”  

  • We will use our typical daily schedule as the schedule for any remote snow day.  
  • Students must log into the Google Meets for their advisory and all classes (including Learning Centers).  
  • The Google Meet links for advisory and classes may be found on Google Classroom and/or on the Staff Landing Docs page.
  • If a student has trouble logging in, they should contact the teacher/advisor via email immediately.
  • Students do not need to log into study halls.
  • If a student is unable to log in due to power or wifi service issues, a parent/guardian should email Karen Stoddard so that the absence from online learning can be marked excused.
  • Please see the YHS Remote Learning Guidelines & Expectations for full details.

Interact Club Food Drive ⇒ The Yarmouth High School Interact Club is excited to announce its annual Food Drive, being held Feb. 7 - 18.  Read more about this wonderful community service opportunity here!

Yarmouth Student Fans / Away Events ⇒ For a variety of reasons, some area schools limit student spectators.  If students are interested in attending events, please note the following:

  • @ Cape Elizabeth - only siblings arriving with and sitting with parents are permitted to attend
  • @ Freeport - only siblings arriving with and sitting with parents are permitted to attend with a max of 4 per player.  
  • 2/12 - Boys Ice Hockey  - no student sections 

Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) Presentations ⇒ YHS is so fortunate to have a robust and growing ELO program under the direction of Justine Carlisle.  ELOs are semester-long credit opportunities that come in four different forms:

The fall semester ELO students gave fantastic presentations on their learning last week.  If you are interested in learning about their topics or watching one or more of the student talks, please see the ELO website.

Record-Breaking Performances!  ⇒ Congratulations to the following winter athletes for their outstanding performances this season.

Swim:  Alex Ericson broke two school records (2:01.53 in 200 free, 5:30.15 in the 500 free), adding to her four previous school records. 

Indoor Track:  Frazier Dougherty for holding (or being part of) THREE school records: 

  • 23.54 in the 200 
  • 53.27 in the 400
  • 1:37.29 in the 4x200 
  • and... just 0.12 seconds off the 55 record... but that could change this weekend!

The boys’ 4x200 team ran 1:37.29, beating the previous record by a full second!

  • Wes Merrill
  • Kevin Kamm
  • Owen Gillan 
  • Frazier Dougherty

Go Clippers!