Dear Parents,

 Despite last week’s arctic blast, there are many signs that spring is around the corner.  The month of March also represents an important milestone as we take time to celebrate events at YHS in the months ahead, and prepare for the next school year.       

It’s almost been a year...and we are getting there. 

It is hard to believe that a year ago, our schools were planning for fully remote learning due to the impact of COVID.  What a difference a year makes, as our district task force has begun planning for a return to “all-in” scenario with students back to school on a regular basis.  No later than April 1st, this task force will make recommendations regarding next steps to the school committee.  As we continue to work together through the challenges of COVID there are several positive signs of progress, yet it is more important than ever to adhere to social distancing and health guidelines to keep our schools and community safe.

Looking ahead to next year...more positive steps

For our students in grades 9-11, it is time to sign up for next year’s classes this week.  By now, you should have heard from your student’s advisor regarding sign-up information for registration conferences.  To assist you with this process, our technology integrator Alice Barr has created this website that houses all of the conference documents along with the instructions to register for classes for next year, as well as a link to the Course of Studies.  Please take time to read through the tremendous offerings for our students, which provide course descriptions and expectations for all subjects.

For the Class of 2021, we look forward to graduation ceremonies which will be held on June 6, 2021.  Much more information will be shared with families later this year as we work together to celebrate our seniors and plan for these events.

Finally, for all of our students and families, we would like to share information about The Day of Hope, an event that recognizes the positive work of people in our community.   Highlighted by speakers Anna Siegel, Mo Nuñez, and Richard Cantz, this celebration will be held virtually on Saturday, March 13.   Please visit to learn more about how to donate and receive a link to the pre-recorded virtual event. We hope you will join us in learning more about the members of our community who are working to spread positive messages of hope to Yarmouth and beyond.


Eric Klein, Amy Bongard, and David Creech - YHS administrative team