Do What's Best For Kids

Dear YHS Families,

This year we face new challenges, yet our commitment to Yarmouth’s core values and beliefs of learning remains the same.  Despite the difficulties of distance learning, we will continue to focus on positive relationships.  Whether on site or at home, our students will play an active role in their learning.  We will still strive to create environments of critical thinking, creativity and innovation, and we will work to ensure that our students and staff are emotionally and physically safe.  

This year, we have placed a higher precedence on student support, and welcome an outstanding team of new faculty to Yarmouth High School.   Margot Downs joins us as a new student academic assistance teacher, while David Cousins will work with students as an attendance coordinator to support engagement and learning.  We are joined by Kerry Anderson, Jeanne Deschambeault, James Mills, Peter Mills, and Joe Morrill who will support students as educational technicians.  Our math learning area welcomes the addition of Molly Prouty, and Justine Carlisle’s role has been increased as she supports students as an alternative pathways coordinator.  

This year presents us with many changes to how we operate as a school and community, and we would ask that you therefore take time to review the following information: 

The First Day of School - We will begin the school year in a hybrid model with approximately 50% of students on campus.  This means students with the last name A-L will be on site for their classes on Tuesday, September 8th, whereas students with the last name M-Z will be on site for classes on Wednesday, September 9th.  All students, whether they are on site or at home, will start classes on Tuesday.  This year’s schedule is complicated, and the following links may be helpful to you and your family:

-- Subscribe to the Blue day Google calendar here

-- Subscribe to the White day Google calendar here

The First Week of School - We will use a special schedule for the first week of school. Your student’s advisor will provide your student with a specific schedule of classes, but please note this key difference from a normal five day week.   Students with the last name A-L will attend classes on Tuesday and Thursday; Students with the last name M-Z will attend classes on Wednesday and Friday.  

The First Month of School - After the first week, we will use a different schedule for the rest of September.  Please note: Students with the last name A-L will attend classes on Monday and Thursday;  Students with the last name M-Z will attend classes on Tuesday and Friday. --Wednesdays will be remote learning days, with no students on campus.  Classes will run from 11 am to 2:45 pm.  

Arrival to School - When onsite classes are in session, the school day will begin at 8 am. Please note that no students will be allowed into the building before 7:40 am

Dismissal from School - When onsite classes are in session, the school day will end at 2 pm.  Please note that unless students are working directly with a teacher, they must leave the building at this time. 

Bus Transportation - Please refer to the following links for more information:  

-- Morning schedules - HMS and YHS

-- Afternoon schedules - HMS and YHS

Student Handbook - Can be found at this link.   Please take time to review this site with your student regarding our commitment to the core values of our school community.  

School Announcements - Can be found on the home page of the YHS website. This is a great resource for families to find important information, key dates and events, and student celebrations.   

School Nutrition - Please read through this letter from Blair Currier, who can be reached at 846-2323, or via email (    Free and reduced lunch program information can be found in this  link here; use this link for an application which should be filled out and returned to the main office.   For more information about our Online PAYPAMS payment system; please use this link.   

Breakfast and Lunch - Due to new COVID procedures, students will eat breakfast and lunch in their smaller advisory groups.  Students will order  food first thing in the morning, and then have it delivered to their advisory spaces.  For a list of meal options, please refer to this link for the September menu options.   

Open Campus - This year, with parent permission, students will be able to leave campus during their study halls and lunch periods.   In order to receive open campus privileges, families must complete this permission form and return it to Ms. Lainey or Ms. Snow.  For more information about open campus, please see this FAQ form.  

Student Parking - For the first month of school, we will allow juniors and seniors to drive and park at school without parking permits.  Students will need to use the Portland Street entrance and lots, and may also park in the new turf field parking spaces.  There will be no assigned parking during the first month of school, as spaces will be available on a first come/first served basis. 

Pest Management Policy - Can be found at:

Vocational Schools  - Portland Arts and Technology High School & Westbrook Regional Vocational Center - For those students who are attending PATHS or WRVC, classes will begin on September 14th.  These students will be on-site for their vocational classes on the same day as their Yarmouth classes, and transportation will be provided.

Each year, we supply our volunteer coordinators with the names, phone numbers and email addresses of parents.  If you do NOT want your information shared, please call the Main Office.

Sports - We will be following the recent guidelines from the Maine Principals’ Association which include the following: Phase IV Summer Training Guidelines will begin the week of Sept. 8th.  Start of fall sports will begin September 14th.  Coaches will be reaching out to their student-athletes with more information; please contact Athletic Director David Creech with questions or concerns (

 Clubs & Extracurricular Activities - Clubs and activities will begin at the end of September; advisors and coaches will be providing more information with students in the weeks ahead.  

There is no question that this year, we are sailing through uncharted waters in education.  We are fortunate, however, to have a school and community that are continually guided by a compass with an unwavering focus: to do what’s best for kids.   


Eric Klein, Principal