Dear Parents and Guardians,

Tomorrow, we will enter our first day of distance learning at Yarmouth High School.  Please take a few minutes to review this Parent’s Guide to Distance Learning.  It provides you with a summary of our distance learning program, links to important resources available to you and your family, and an explanation of how teachers and counselors will be checking in on your student. A few key points: 

Attendance - Once per school day, students will need to submit a Google Form for state reporting purposes.  This form must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on any given day for a student to be marked “present” for that day.  Please remind your student to do this every day (your student’s advisor and teachers will help with this as well).  

Schedule - We will be running a modified schedule to provide students with the opportunity to connect with all of their teachers and their advisor as we begin learning experiences.  Of note:

- Students will NOT be expected to spend the entire day on their laptops.

- Students will end the day with an online meeting in their advisory groups.  

It will take some time to work through this new model of learning, and we would ask for your continued consideration, flexibility, and patience.  As teachers reach out to your student, our administration will continue to provide you with additional resources to help support their learning, and we will be sharing these with you in the weeks ahead.   


Eric Klein, Amy Bongard, and David Creech

YHS Administrative Team