2018 Community Food Drive Results
Joan Adler
Monday, March 19, 2018

Jared Conant

We're grateful to Jared Conant for his tireless work on the 2018 Community Food Drive. The Yarmouth Community Food Pantry is still receiving donations based on his event. Currently, the food donation total from this drive is nearly 1200 lbs. and $3325 in cash and checks!  The Yarmouth Community Food Pantry can generate $4 of food items with a one dollar donation, so the purchasing impact is over $13,000.00.  Donations will go far in providing much needed relief for local families who need this support. Jared's commitment to this work is making a difference with our local food shortage issue. He asked us to pass along his thanks for the generosity and commitment people made to the success of this food collection!