Registration Conference Information

Registration Conferences are an important meeting to discuss your child's goals, to check in with graduation requirements, and to address any issues you or your child may have. 
The 2015-2016 Course of Studies Guide will is available to view on-line and on our website.

To prepare for this meeting, please look through the Course of Studies Guide and select potential courses for next year. Your child will be bringing home a course registration form. Please complete the form and bring it with you to the conference. Your child needs to bring their computer with them to the conference.  

In addition, we will also be reviewing and collecting certain information that is required for students to participate in extracurricular activities.
First, we will take a moment to review the Extracurricular Code of Conduct and the Concussion Policy. We encourage parents and students to review these policies before our meeting. 
Second, we are changing our protocol for how we collect medical information that is required for students to participate in athletics. 
In the past, this information was collected via paper forms prior to every sports season. Now, we will be asking all parents to input this information into Powerschool that night. This information will only need to be entered one time and then reviewed/updated annually. 

Please bring the following information to the conference:
1. Health Insurance card
2. Doctor's name and phone number
3. Child's last physical date (for confirmation)
4. Medical History Information (allergies, recent surgeries, etc.)
5. What sport(s) child intends to play.

At the conclusion of the registration process, we are asking parents to input this information into the Powerschool Parent Portal. This process requires every parent to have Powerschool Parent Portal login information. If you have never logged into Powerschool via the Parent Portal or only logged in through your child's account, we ask that you set this up before this evening. Instructions for how to do this can be accessed HERE.  Technology staff are also available in the cafeteria to assist with this process throughout registration conferences.
  • This process will be completed on the student's computer
  • Once in the Parent Portal, please first select the "Medical Information" button on the left side
    • All students/parents need to fill out this entire section, regardless of whether or not the students participates in extracurricular activities
    • Once complete, select the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom
  • Next, select the "Sports Registration" button on the left side
    • This section should be completed for any student that currently or plans to participate in a sport this school year or next school year
    • Select the sport that the student will participate in the Spring, 2015 season; also select the sport the student plans to participate in for the Fall 2015 and Winter 2015-2016 seasons
    • These selections are non-binding and can be changed at any time; they are used only to match up the medical information with the coaches and are not used to create official rosters
    • Once complete, select the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom
  • Finally, log out of the parent portal.
  • Both of these selections on the Parent Portal will remain open moving forward and can be changed/edited by parents at any time
  • The information entered here will remain confidential and will only be shared with teachers/coaches on an as needed basis.  

If you would like to print documents, the following links are .pdf files
The student and parent should take the survey on the teacher's computer.  Simply keep a tab open on your browser with the survey up. 
 When the student/parent is done taking the survey, they should select the option of "Submit another response" at the bottom of the screen and a new survey will come up for the next person.