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posted Sep 7, 2016, 6:37 AM by Jennifer Lainey

Yarmouth High School Bulletin for Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Seniors - Open Campus will begin Thursday, September 8th for seniors that are eligible and have turned in all their paperwork.

Interested in joining the crew for the Fall Musical?? HI All, If you are interested in joining one of the crews for our Fall Musical, Cinderella, please sign up on the bulletin board at the bottom of the ramp outside room 409. Please sign up by Tuesday, Sept 13. All crew lists will be finalized by then. Some of the crews work during the shows and some work before we open and are not part of running the shows. The crews to choose from are: Hair and Makeup Costumes Props Set Painting Set Shifting Lights Sound Publicity/Ushers Stage Managers* *We are looking for 2 hard working people to be stage managers-in-training for next year and beyond. If you love theatre, you are very organized and love to be in charge...this may be your dream job! The stage managers are the most important people involved in a play production.It is a lot of work but is also very fun and rewarding. Please feel free to ask questions! Mikayla Clifford and Wells Flanagan are Playmaker Presidents Mrs. Puelle, Theatre Teacher, Director is in room 409

Late Bus - time update If you want to take the late bus home, please be out front of the school at 4:20