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posted Nov 3, 2017, 6:26 AM by Jennifer Lainey

College visits this week Hi Everyone - welcome back! Below are the remaining visitors for this week. St. Lawrence University, Unity College, Springfield College, and Elmira College were all scheduled to visit on Monday and Tuesday. Please let me know if you would like contact information for the representative, and I would be happy to pass it along. Wednesday, November 1 University of New England, Representative: Darcy Flaherty, 2:00pm Thursday, November 2 Bryant University, Representative: Katie McAtee, 9:00am Friday, November 3 Hartwick College, Representative: Drew Ladew, 9:15am Emmanuel College, Representative: Arianna Pagan, 10:00am

College visits today - 11/3 Hi Everyone - Due to a scheduling conflict with the storm, UNE was not able to visit on Wednesday, and will be here today at 1:15 instead. Please see me for a pass if you'd like to attend. We also will have representatives here from Hartwick College at 9:15 and Emmanuel College at 10:00. ~Mrs. O'Brien

Cool opportunity for Scholarship money for all grades The Maine App Challenge is an opportunity for Maine high school students to build a mobile application, make connections with professional software developers, and compete for $10,000 in college scholarships. The requirements are simple: build a mobile app using the development platform of your choice. Submit the app with a video explanation by May 6th. Tyler Technologies, a local technology company, brings the latest tech to the public sector. Tyler's software is used by more than 150 school districts in Maine. We hope this experience might turn a student's casual interest in software development into a college major, internship, and eventual career in the Maine computer science and technology industry. It’s also an opportunity to help make an impact in your community by filling a need with a mobile app.

Time to work with teachers on Monday - 11/6 Dear Students, As we wrap up this week, I’d like to share two important notes with you: Extra Time with Teachers - To make up for lost after-school time with students due to the storm this week, we are devoting the first half of Monday’s faculty meeting time for teachers to work with students from 3 to 3:45 pm. Please be proactive and reach out to your teachers ahead of time if you would like to meet with them during this time. Parking Tags - A reminder for 11th and 12th grade students to get their parking tags if they have not done so already. As of November 1st, all 11th and 12th students who drive to school must have a parking tag displayed in their vehicle. If there are special circumstances, any 10th grade students should meet with Ms. Bongard or myself to discuss. Thanks, and have a great day, Eric P. Klein

Eligibility for Extra-curricular activities YHS Students, I am writing to remind you that the end of the quarter is next Friday, November 3rd. You must be taking and passing 5 courses in order to be eligible for participation in extra-curricular activities. Eligibility will be enforced on Thursday November 9th. Please feel free to come and see me with questions. Yarmouth High School Academic Eligibility Any student at Yarmouth High School is eligible to participate in co-curricular activities, including interscholastic athletics if (s)he meets the eligibility requirements as established by the MPA and Yarmouth High School. The student must: Be enrolled in at least five full courses*; and Pass all courses in which (s)he is enrolled during the quarter. An incomplete grade will be considered as a failure until it is made up and a grade is given. *Students choosing to enroll in credit opportunities outside of Yarmouth High School must have their academic status (part-time/full-time) verified by the principal prior to the start of pre-season. It should be noted that a student failing one course or receiving one incomplete grade may not participate in games/performances, but is still expected to practice and abide by existing team/club/organization rules and regulations. Students failing two courses or having two incompletes, or any combination which equals two or more cannot participate in games/performances or practices. Ineligibility begins the day that quarter grades become officially posted. Eligibility will be reinstated on the published date for mid-term progress reports. To regain eligibility: 1. The length of ineligibility shall be until the published date of the mid-term progress report of the quarter following the failing grade. If a student is passing all the courses in which (s)he is enrolled at the mid-term progress report date, (s)he may fully participate in co-curricular activities. 2. For an incomplete grade, the length of ineligibility shall be until the work is made up and the grade has officially been turned in, a timeframe that may not exceed two weeks from the last day of the quarter. 3. For a student failing one course for the fourth quarter, (s)he may begin the fall pre-season by practicing with the team/club/organization, but will remain ineligible to play/perform for the first two weeks of school. If, at the end of those first two weeks, the student is passing all of his/her classes, (s)he will be eligible to play/perform until the mid-term progress report date. If, at that time, (s)he is still passing all of his/her classes, the student will be eligible to fully participate for the remainder of the quarter. If, at that time, (s)he is failing one or more classes, the student may continue to practice but may not play in any games until the end of first quarter when eligibility will be determined again. 4. For a student failing two or more courses for fourth quarter, (s)he will be ineligible to participate in practices, games or performances until the mid-term progress report date. GO CLIPPERS! -- Susan L. Robbins, CMAA Athletic Director