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posted Jan 5, 2018, 5:34 AM by Jennifer Lainey

Community Service Opportunity The Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals is looking for volunteers at their horse shelter in Windham. This farm takes in abused or neglected horses. Volunteer activities would include mucking stalls, washing food buckets, sweeping, picking paddocks, and other various farm chores. If you are interested, please visit www.msspa.org and fill out the the volunteer application under the "volunteer" tab.

Locker Room Reminders: During the winter season the locker rooms are utilized by home and away basketball teams on game days. Boys Locker Room: HOME TEAM Girls Locker Room: AWAY TEAM Please remember: -There should be no loose clothing items out, items should be secured in a bag or locker -Laptops are not to be left out, they MUST be locked in a locker -There may be times that the locker room in not accessible so plan ahead

Extended Learning Opportunities Do you have a passion you would like to explore for school credit? Did see the video at the Student Assembly and want to know more? If you are interested in hearing about the Extended Learning Opportunity program for the second semester, please see the ELO website.

Poetry Out Loud - period 3 - 1/5/2018 Poetry Out Loud today period 3. Go to period 3 class then everyone heads to the YPAC.