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posted Jan 18, 2017, 6:04 AM by Jennifer Lainey   [ updated Jan 18, 2017, 7:32 AM ]

Athletic reminders from Ms. Robbins Hello YHS Students, I wanted to remind you all of a few items regarding extra curricular participation. 1. In order to be eligible to play in games or participate in practices you must be in school by 9:00 a.m. On Wednesdays late start 9:00 is still 9:00. 2. The MPA has a bona fide team rule which means you cannot miss a YHS sports practice or game for a travel team or tournament with out penalty. Each student-athlete may miss one according to the policy. MPA Explanation: A member of a school team is a student athlete who is regularly present for and actively participates in team practices and competitions. Bona fide members of a school team are prevented from missing high school practice or competition to compete or practice elsewhere. The form you must fill out is attached. 3. Friday January 27th is the end of Quarter 2 and the first Semester. Eligibility will come into affect on February 2nd. Students must be passing all five courses in order to be eligible for extra curricular activities. Please feel free to check in with me if you have any questions. 

Yearbook club photos are scheduled to start next week Please take a look at the schedule and plan to meet outside of the YPAC for the clubs that you participate in: Tuesday, 1/17 First break: Bike Club & BOLD Second break: Clipper Buddies & Clipper TV Wednesday, 1/18 First break: Civil Rights Club, Computer Code and Design Second break: Dance Club & Debate Club Thursday, 1/19 First break: FCA & Film Club Second break: Finance Club, French Club Friday, 1/20 First break: Global Action & Green Voices Society Second break: GSTA & Interact

Community Service opportunity If any student is interested in earning community service hours by helping out with a video editing project over the next two to three weeks, please let me know ASAP. This is work that can be done on your own time and with the software of your choice, so there is a lot of flexibility in when and how the project is completed. Best -- Ms. Bongard

Community Service opportunity - Math meet 1/25 The Math Team will be hosting a home math meet on Wednesday, 25 January 2017 in the 100 wing and we will need help setting up and running the meet. We could use 3-6 students who: • are available from 2:45 until 5:30 p.m. • can tape signs on the wall in the 100 wing • can move a few tables and chairs around • can bring small stacks of papers from one room to another every 12 minutes • can wait patiently and quietly for 12 minute intervals • can move tables and chairs back to where they started • can remove signs from walls • can enjoy a few snacks afterwards If you are interested and can commit to this, then respond to this e-mail.

Job Opportunity Brentwood Rehab on Portland Street is looking for someone to work in dietary services helping to serve drinks on the dinner line and do dishes. The hours are 3:30-7:00 and require work on weekends and some holidays as well. Pay is $10/hr or based on experience. If you are interested, please contact Emily or Kurt at Brentwood at 846-9021

Auditions for Advanced Vocal Ensemble & Chamber Choir Dear Students, If you are a sophomore or junior and have taken a year of Chorus (Concert Choir) at YHS or had a similar experience at another high school, then read on... ​The week of Feb. 13 we will be having auditions for Advanced Vocal Ensemble and Chamber Choir. The prerequisite for either class is one full year in YHS Chorus or a similar experience at another high school. There is one audition for advancing. Placement in one of the choirs is based on your skills. Sometimes students need a second year of experience in Chorus and then audition again after that year. The audition has several parts and tests your voice, ear, and reading ability. There is a special format and some special music you will need. The first step is to go to my home page and click on either Chamber Choir or Advanced Vocal Ensemble. The direct link can be found on this announcement under Student News. Read the audition information and visit the site with the tracks and music for "Fire, Fire." After looking at the information, contact me and we can decide which voice part you should learn for "Fire, Fire" and you can tell me what your choice song will be. Then we'll look at scheduling an audition the week of Feb. 13. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope some of you consider this opportunity to return to vocal music at YHS! Mr. Dustin -- Rick Dustin Choral Music Director, Yarmouth High School

Royal River Community Theatre presents The Jungle Book When: this weekend: Jan 19th, 20th @ 7:00 pm and Jan 21st at 11 am & 7pm Where: First Parish Church, Yarmouth The Jungle Book Purchase tickets and get more information at: www.royalrivercommunitytheatre.com