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YHS Fall Sports Info Night - Monday, August 14th 6:00 pm

posted Aug 13, 2017, 5:59 AM by Jennifer Lainey

Athletes and parents are invited to attend Fall Sports Information Night.  This evening will begin with a general session in the auditorium to share important information regarding athletics and then each sport will meet individually.

Quarter 4 Honor Roll

posted Jun 28, 2017, 6:31 PM by Alice Barr-YHS   [ updated Jul 17, 2017, 8:48 AM ]

Allen, Maxwell B.12High Honors
Bates, Isabel K12High Honors
Boyer, Emily E.12High Honors
Bray, Sophie A.12High Honors
Christie, Isabelle S.12High Honors
Clarke, Jackson B12High Honors
Fuller, Lyndsay12High Honors
Gunville, Mary Kate12High Honors
Hamilton, Abigail McIntosh12High Honors
Hattan, Johanna M12High Honors
Lougovtsov, Andrei12High Honors
MacDonald, Meghan H.12High Honors
Pardales, Isabella12High Honors
Pearl, Conner A.12High Honors
Rutberg, Jason P.12High Honors
Saint-Amour, William T.12High Honors
Thompson, Miles M.12High Honors
Bennett, Kyle Sandstrom11High Honors
Brown, Eliza V11High Honors
Clarke, Miranda A.11High Honors
Cooper, Morgan E.11High Honors
Corey, Hannah E.11High Honors
Crowley, Eliza A11High Honors
D'Appolonia, Sara E11High Honors
Decker, Caroline A.11High Honors
Elder, Margaret11High Honors
Groothoff, Luke11High Honors
Gunville, Margaret R.11High Honors
Hanson, Elizabeth Kennedy11High Honors
Marston, Emma11High Honors
Morton, William R.11High Honors
Murrin, Anneka K11High Honors
O'Halloran, Olivia A.11High Honors
Purgavie, Ellie H.11High Honors
Robichaud, Olivia R.11High Honors
Ruth, Emilia F11High Honors
Then, Eva11High Honors
Wheaton, Bennett C.11High Honors
Winkel, Justin11High Honors
Young, Kayla Rae11High Honors
Anderson, Eli D.10High Honors
Conrad, Thomas H.10High Honors
Grant, Hannah L.10High Honors
Grondin, Kyaira10High Honors
Guertler, Michael10High Honors
Levinson, Adam J.10High Honors
Lyon, Ceanne N.10High Honors
MacGillivray, Ian10High Honors
Reinfelder, Paige E.10High Honors
Rollins, Parker E10High Honors
Scott, Claire S.10High Honors
Van Lonkhuyzen, Abigail M10High Honors
Wink, Sophie10High Honors
Augur, Alexandra9High Honors
Buchanan, Eleanor Lang9High Honors
Buthy, Jack R9High Honors
Caterine, Lexie9High Honors
Corson, Emily A.9High Honors
Cowles, Sadie L.9High Honors
D'Appolonia, John S9High Honors
Feeley, Ashlyn K.9High Honors
Fulton, Jane B.9High Honors
Gallivan, Shanti U.9High Honors
Grant, Caroline E.9High Honors
Groothoff, Ehryn9High Honors
Hincks, Abigail K.9High Honors
King, Spencer J.9High Honors
Lainey, Jason A.9High Honors
LaMourie, Daniel Forrest9High Honors
Langenbach, Kendrick E.9High Honors
May, Avery Margaret9High Honors
Mellor, Harry H.9High Honors
Powers, Natalia R.9High Honors
Robison, Cade Stephen9High Honors
Shamel, Lucy Gray9High Honors
Sheahan, Flannery9High Honors
Smith, Sarah S9High Honors
Tchitchkan, Elizabeth9High Honors
Welsh, Audrey Grace9High Honors
Whipple, Quincy E.9High Honors
Antolini, Ella G.12Honors
Barbera, Gretchen C.12Honors
Barton, Max J12Honors
Chille, Rachel K.12Honors
Clark, Alison P.12Honors
Clarke, Celia E.12Honors
Clemmer, Katherine E12Honors
Clifford, Mikayla J.12Honors
Clinton, Matthew R.12Honors
Condon, Abby J.12Honors
Cowles, Grace H.12Honors
Coyne, Joseph M.12Honors
Dealaman, Nathan D.12Honors
Dostie, Matthew12Honors
Dustin, Aaron Robert12Honors
Dwyer, Sophia Lewis12Honors
Fuller, Calli L.12Honors
Giese, Georgia C.12Honors
Goodwin, Matthew D.12Honors
Guertler, Christopher12Honors
Hall, Elizabeth Jane12Honors
Harnett, Gibson L.12Honors
Heuss, John R.12Honors
Houston, Tessa12Honors
Humphries, Ethan12Honors
Inger, Joseph A.12Honors
Jacobs, William H.12Honors
Jutras, George G.12Honors
Kenny, Devlin12Honors
Kolczynski, Edward Ian12Honors
Kuhn, Lillian W12Honors
Lane, John M.12Honors
Langenbach, Cory12Honors
LeBlanc, Remi12Honors
Lonigan, Marshall M.12Honors
Lunt, Eliza R.12Honors
MacLeod, Alexandra Noelle12Honors
Mallett, Patrick Lee12Honors
McDowell, Nicole E.12Honors
McGrath, Dahlia12Honors
McLaughlin, Calista12Honors
Medenica, Aleksandar12Honors
Middleton, Kacie M12Honors
Murray, Amanda M.12Honors
Neal, Skyler M.12Honors
Noack, Chloe Grace12Honors
O'Brien, Jordan R.12Honors
Palmer, Benjamin12Honors
Patel, Ravi P.12Honors
Paulmann, Mia12Honors
Ramsay, Owen12Honors
Robison, Taylor12Honors
Romano, Christopher B.12Honors
Snow, Carolyn R.12Honors
St. Pierre, Andrea M.12Honors
St. Pierre, Sydney E.12Honors
Van Alstine, Hannah12Honors
Van Lonkhuyzen, Benjamin12Honors
Veilleux, Tyler J.12Honors
Waeldner, Kathleen H.12Honors
Whitney, Tucker N12Honors
Ayad, Youssef11Honors
Best, Roya N.11Honors
Chappell, Silas11Honors
Coury, Maximillian A.11Honors
Curnin, Owen Henry11Honors
Densmore, Aaron Tobin11Honors
Dickinson, Madelyn S.11Honors
Dow, Isabelle L.11Honors
Dube, Morgan11Honors
Geiger, Taylor K.11Honors
Gleason, Benjamin R.11Honors
Hagerty, Nolan J.11Honors
Hardel, Emilie Paige11Honors
Harpool, Sophia E.11Honors
Hooper-White, Taylor11Honors
Hunt, Ethan11Honors
Lane, Meredith B.11Honors
Laprise, Nora11Honors
Laverdiere, Luke11Honors
Loomis, Eric R.11Honors
Loomis, Kimberly A.11Honors
Lorentzen, Keiran O.11Honors
Malczynski, Molly Ann Francis11Honors
Martin, Emilie A.11Honors
May, Cooper Addison11Honors
McGrath, Sophia11Honors
Moore, Sean P11Honors
Nadeau, Harland11Honors
Norton, Benjamin11Honors
Parker, Anna Casey11Honors
Patel, Henna11Honors
Pelletier, Iliyan V.11Honors
Ralph, Catherine B.11Honors
Ruprecht, Anna11Honors
Saunders, Isaac11Honors
Sevee, Avery F.11Honors
Skinner, Salome11Honors
Skinner, Sophia11Honors
Smith, Meghan L.11Honors
Tenney, Leah11Honors
Thomas, Kirsten E.11Honors
Truesdale, Joseph M.11Honors
Venden, Henry R11Honors
Waaler, James Bray11Honors
Waeldner, Luke W.11Honors
Waterman, Eliza J.11Honors
Watterson, Sage A.11Honors
Weinberg, Leah S.11Honors
Yale, Megan G.11Honors
Yeo, Eva B.11Honors
Antoine, Bill Harry10Honors
Arruda, Ashley10Honors
Bates, Wyatt R.10Honors
Belesca, Aaron10Honors
Belisle Haley, Sophie Grace10Honors
Belley, Michael E10Honors
Bennett, Skylar10Honors
Blaschke, Clementine10Honors
Bourassa, Natalie K10Honors
Burgmaier, Tobias H.10Honors
Chittum, Caroline L10Honors
Cox-Faxon, Benjamin M.10Honors
Dettmann, Allie K.10Honors
Donegan, Seamus S10Honors
Eckersley-Ray, Noah C.10Honors
Estabrook, Emilie10Honors
Feeley, Olivia L.10Honors
Guay, Lydia10Honors
Guecia, Blythe T10Honors
Hardel, Zoe Rose10Honors
Herr, Emmett R.10Honors
Jacques, Andrew10Honors
Jones, John Philip10Honors
Kenny, Aisling10Honors
LaBrie, Eric T.10Honors
LeBlanc, Marie10Honors
Lenardson, William D10Honors
Lowenstein, Ariella Mayo10Honors
Manthorne, Alexandra R.10Honors
McCosh, George W.10Honors
McGonagle, Kelcie M10Honors
McLaughlin, Scarlett R.10Honors
Mogul-Campbell, Zachary10Honors
Mu, Chenhai10Honors
Noack, Sophia R10Honors
O'Neill, Mairen E.E.10Honors
Peloquin, Mackenzie10Honors
Pietropaoli, Justin B.10Honors
Rasor, Rose B.H.10Honors
Rollins, Jackson E10Honors
Romano, John L.10Honors
Saffeir, Lindley10Honors
Senger, Connor D.10Honors
Shutkin, Shepard10Honors
Snyder, Lillian P.10Honors
Steinharter, Harry C.10Honors
Sullivan, Oliver R.10Honors
Swanson, Parker10Honors
Tarr, Lili Veronica10Honors
Thornton, Abigail M.10Honors
Tillotson, Catherine E.10Honors
Torres, Jonathan H.10Honors
Whitaker, Simon10Honors
Williams, Victoria E10Honors
Caruso, Ella Rose9Honors
Clinton, John R.9Honors
Corey, Anders J.9Honors
DeCristoforo, Cloe Mei9Honors
Emery, Nathan9Honors
Giese, William E.9Honors
Glessner, Catherine E9Honors
Goessling, Audrey C9Honors
Hamm, Gavin9Honors
Hathcock, Brienne K.9Honors
Hattan, David Jerome9Honors
Hayes, Madeline D9Honors
Jancovic, Preston9Honors
Jenkins, Amanda M.9Honors
Jordan, David T.9Honors
Joseph, Madelin9Honors
Kelly, Lauren J.9Honors
Lambert, Caleb9Honors
McConville, Catherine K.9Honors
McDowell, Lily C.9Honors
McNeil, Michael R.9Honors
Moore, James Alexander9Honors
Muir, Angus I.9Honors
Nicholas, William Laurie9Honors
Nisbet, Alexis Jocelyn9Honors
Oestreicher, Jill A.9Honors
Owen, Isaac9Honors
Ralph, Elizabeth G.9Honors
Rizkallah, Odeh9Honors
Rogers, Caeden Alexandra9Honors
Schneider, Emi B.9Honors
Smith, Lindsey R.9Honors
Solmos, Sophia A.9Honors
Spencer, Matthew R.9Honors
Tull, Connor Alldred9Honors
Weinberg, Samuel J.9Honors
Whitlock, Adriana M.9Honors
Young, Cassie Nicole9Honors


posted Jun 28, 2017, 6:38 AM by Jennifer Lainey   [ updated Jun 28, 2017, 7:48 AM ]

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