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Immunization Requirements

Immunization Requirements:

Maine School Immunization Law requires that all students produce an acceptable record/certificate of immunization or written evidence (updated annually) of medical, religious, philosophical or personal exemption to immunization.  The immunization dosage requirements are as follows:
  • 5 doses of any DPT (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) containing vaccine, or 4 if the fourth dose is given on or after the 4th birthday

  • 4 doses of OPV, IPV (Polio), or 3 if the third dose is given on or after the 4th birthday

  • 2 doses of MMR (Measles, mumps, rubella), #1 after 1 year of age, #2 at lease one month after #1

  • 1 Dose of Varicella (chickenpox) for those under age 13, 2 doses given 4-8 weeks apart for age 13+, or documentation by a health care provider that the student has had the disease, or has an immune blood test.  (The State has a graduated implementation schedule for varicella).