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Components of School Health

Components of Coordinated School Health Services include:

Health Services:  Screenings, communicable diseases, immunizations, health care planning, daily nursing services.

Health Education: We provide appropriate health information that promotes informed health care decisions, healthy life-styles that prevent disease and enhance school performance.

Environment:  We work to identify health and safety concerns in our school community, advocating a safe environment.

Nutrition:  We support and enhance student participation in the school food service programs and promote the benefit of healthy eating.

Physical Education/Activity:  We promote safety in these activities by providing periodic school health physicals, in coordination with our school physician and medical students.

Parent/Community Involvement:  We focus on regular parent and community communication, promoting a healthy school community and assuring a high level of wellness for students, families and staff.

Staff Wellness:  We provide health teaching, counseling and monitoring of health conditions, promoting healthy activities in for school staff.