October 9th Principal's Notes

posted Oct 7, 2016, 4:51 AM by Eric Klein

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we have now passed the midway point of the first quarter, this note serves as apt timing to discuss the importance of academics at Yarmouth High School.   

Progress Reports will be completed by this Thursday, October 13th.  These reports are designed to provide students and their families with individualized information about their academics during the first part of the school year.  

These reports also include information on Cornerstone assessments, which are part of Yarmouth’s graduation requirements.  In order to successfully earn credit for a course, students must not only pass the course, they must also earn at least an 80 on their cornerstone assessments.   As the year progresses, your student’s teachers will be further communicating their expectations regarding cornerstones if they have not done so already.

As progress reports are completed, and we prepare for the end of the quarter on November 4, we will be implementing a student-led initiative which has been dubbed Clipper Catch Up Day.  Members of the Student Senate have worked closely with our faculty to set up a program that will allow student to access their teachers for additional support during the school day.  Once a quarter during period 3, students will have the opportunity to work with their advisors to develop a plan to work with teachers.   Next week on Tuesday October 18th from 9:53 to 10:58, we will kick off our first Clipper Catch Up Day.

I encourage you to review your student’s progress report, as well as the PowerSchool parent portal, in order to ensure that your student starts the year on the right foot, and take advantage of this opportunity.    

Wednesday October 19th is noteworthy for several reasons.  For students in grades 9-11, we will NOT have a late arrival schedule, and students will need to arrive to school at 8 am.  

  • 9th grade students will be participating in their annual Geology trip to Fort Williams, a full day of interdisciplinary inquiry working in their advisor groups. From learning about the history of the Headlight to measuring geological formations, the day has historically been one of the highlights of the freshman year.  If you have not signed your student’s permission form yet, please return these to Mr. Weiss or Ms. Hirschfeld.  

  • 10th and 11th grade students will be taking the PSAT exam on this date.  This is quite literally a “Practice” of the SAT exam, and a great opportunity for students to prepare for the test that will be taken in the spring of their junior year.  

  • Seniors will have late arrival, and will attend classes.   

Upcoming Fundraisers

  • The Volleyball boosters will be selling  Yarmouth Clipper stadium chairs for $45 (or $50 if you would like it personalized) and are now taking orders! For more information, please click here.

  • YEF (Yarmouth Educational Fund) will be holding its annual Blue Jean Ball on Saturday, November 12th at the AMVETS Hall.

In summary

Progress Reports - Thursday October 13th

Clipper Catch Up - Tuesday October 18th

Special Events - Wednesday October 19th

9th Grade field trip to Ft. Williams - be at school at 8 am

10th Grade PSAT’s - be at school at 8 am

11th Grade PSAT’s - be at school at 8 am

12th Grade - regular day of classes, regular school start time of 9 am.